Athletes should arrive in athletic gear, shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes. Cleats are optional, bring them if you have them. Rubber cleats only, no metal cleats allowed on turf field.

Water will be provided at the combine, we will have several water stations for the athletes to hydrate at. Each athlete is encouraged to bring their own beverage container. No food will be provided so please bring your own snacks. Most events will feature food truck(s), where food, water, snacks can be purchased. 

We recommend bring seating and/or pop up tent to the venue. As we hold our events at different venues, seating and shade will vary from event to event.

We have structured the event to accomodate all the athletes at the same time. We group the participants by age and they participate in each event together rotating stations with the other age groups. 

Absolutely!! We love to see girls competing at the combines. It’s a great way to showcase thier skills and compete against other like minded athletes.

Yes, we welcome new football players to participate in a combine. The NYFC is a great introduction to football and  is designed for all talent and skill level. This is an amazing experience for both beginners and experience players looking to compete against the best out there.

The 40-yard dash, broad jump, vertical jump, shuttle, and a strength test as well as some position-based events.

No, this is a two day NFL Combine Experience. The kids will go through a real life NFL combine experience complete interviews and position based skills. NFL players and alumni will be present to help coach the postion based coaching, skill and drills section of the combine. The NFL players will be available for autographs and pictures.