/re • gen • er • a • tion

1 : rebuilding or restructuring; large scale repair or renewal

2 : to improve a place or system, especially by making it more active or successful



Youth athletes are asked to put their bodies to the test at training, practice or at a game. So it is important to for them to give take care of themselves with REGEN. It is all about giving their bodies some much needed care and be ready for the next practice. Athletes cannot give their maximum effort if their bodies do not have the time to recover. Coaches want athletes to be at their best everyday, which is asking a lot and why REGEN is so important. It gives their bodies a chance to bounce back.
We want our athletes to be positioned to perform at their peak and reap maximum gains from their training programs.


  • Recovering faster means players can train harder
  • Maintaining peak performance, healthy living and staying injury free
  • Intensity of multi-game weekends
  • Not getting enough rest can have serious consequences in youth athletes when players are still growing and developing